It still

It still After several months the child becomes more courageous and more resolute in the experiments and researches.

It still very needs mother, but is already not so frequent.

It becomes more and more independent, but his courage partially is under construction on confidence that at any time he can count on protection of mother.

It is necessary to understand that independence is based not only on that freedom which you provide to the child, but also and on feeling of safety which you give it.

Some people imagine it on the contrary.

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This normal

This normal It would cause appropriate concern.

But change of estimates usually happens imperceptibly and therefore possibility of a depression is considered seldom.


As the teenager even more often stays in a condition of dreams, gradually he falls into melancholy.

This normal phenomenon for them, especially at younger teenage age but only if it lasts rather not for long.

The normal state of melancholy is often observed within an hour or two, sometimes during the whole day or evening, in rare instances even within two days.

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The developing

The developing The developing to develop visual, acoustical, tactile attention and memory; to continue to develop imagination.

Equipment: color cord; figures of characters of the fairy tale from desktop puppet theater; images of characters of the fairy tale see an insert, fig.

, ; scenery to the fairy tale; flanelegraf; the subject picture Try, find see fig.

; the picture of Berry see fig.

; the subject picture Mashenka in a room see fig.


Occupation course Organizational moment.

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It is also

It is also Children very much value such moments and remember them when it is necessary them difficult, especially in teenage years full of conflict situations.

It is also important to parents to know that, providing to the children undivided attention, they have to seek both to physical, and for visual contacts with them because at such moments these contacts are of particular importance for the child.

It is also important not to miss opportunities to use and other, unforeseen circumstances to stay with the teenager.

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Perhaps, he very

Perhaps, he very should not have done.

Perhaps, he very much wanted to break something or to play with children in other yard, or, maybe, he became angry about you that you refused to it something, or he is jealous of the younger brother because more attention is paid to it.

And here it simply does something to you to spite.

When the child breaks one of the basic rules established by you you will hardly be able to keep absolute calm.

All good parents have to teach the children that is good and that is bad.

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